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Specialty Coffee from Sidamo, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Sidamo Gr 2 coffee bean is a complex and balanced taste profile. It has a sweet aroma, excellent acidity and balance, making you feel bright and awake to start your day.

Sidamo Gr2 Fully Washed was sourced from several small farms in the Sidama Gidimie district. It was then processed at a washing station. This coffee is a selection of fully washed coffee cherries grown by smallholders dedicated to producing exceptional coffees.

Sidamo is a great all-rounder. It’s a versatile bean that can be used in many ways to produce light and full-bodied, complex coffees.
Under the Ethiopian grading system, Grade 2 refers to a coffee’s physical and quality attributes. The cup often has fruity and clean characteristics—without any off-flavours. Nothing like a cup of Kahawa to provide the extra drive to start the day.


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Fully Washed


1600 m – 1900 m

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Sweet Syrup

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Coffee Farmers In SIdamo Sorting Coffee

A Sidamo coffee bean is marked with three identifiers: a grade, a geographical letter designation and an indication of whether it was washed or unwashed. Additional markings may be added to convey quality and other information.

Although coffee production methods in Sidamo have changed little since they were first introduced, smallholders often practice intercropping to maximize the land of their farms and provide food for their families.

The strengths of Sidamo coffee come from the variety of flavours found in different regions. The many microclimates and varying soil types result in striking differences between towns.

However, one thing that all Sidamo coffees have in common is the profound complexity of flavour. Many people attribute this to the diversity of local landrace varieties; when these different cultivars are grown together and then blended at the local cooperative—as they would be by traditional farmers harvesting their own beans—the resulting blend expresses not only each variety’s unique character but also some sort of overall “taste map” or genetic fingerprint for coffee varietals within that area.

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