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No more need for paper filters, the Prismo AeroPress Attachment by Fellow is an excellent piece of tech to expand your Aeropress Coffee Maker capabilities. It uses a pressure-actuated valve, which builds pressure to brew more heavy-bodied espresso-style coffees. The Fellow Prismo uses a reusable 150-micron etched filter and perfectly fits an espresso glass to pull a shot comfortably.


Compatibility: Prismo is not compatible with the AeroPress® Go or any AeroPress® produced between 2005-2009

Materials: Polypropylene (body), silicone (valve)

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1 review for Fellow Prismo

  1. Iliana K (verified owner)

    love this little tool, the fellow prismo makes a heavier body espresso and i don’t need to carry 100 filters around anymore.

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